Extra Curricular Activities

About the program

Extra- curricular activities such as Chess, Sports related activities and Performing arts Programs will be offered after hours to all interested students. Some of these programs will include instrumental music, chess, swimming, tennis, basketball and dance.

Extension Program & Assisted Learning Program

The programs that we offer at Saltwater P-9 College are designed to support students to excel and further develop their current abilities. The extension programs provided at saltwater College will challenge gifted and talented students in order for them to achieve outstanding outcomes.

The Assisted Learning program is designed for students who require support in a particular area of their learning.

Both of these programs assist students learning through working towards individual goals, moving students above and beyond benchmarks and/or working towards individual learning plans. Students who present with attributes that fit into either of the programs on offer will be asked to join one that best suits them. If your child’s teacher believes that he or she would benefit from one of these programs you will be informed.

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