Physical Education

About the program

The Physical Education program at Saltwater P-9 College will enable all students a chance to participate in a fun filled, engaging, challenging yet rewarding program.

The program aligns with the Australian and Victorian Curriculum, and will cater for individual differences. Each child will receive a 50 minute Physical Education lesson per week consisting of Fundamental Motor Skills, such as Throwing, Catching, One & Two handed Hitting, Dribbling, Leaping, Dodging, Running and Kicking. As the children progress through their years of Primary School, they will continue to use these Fundamental Motor Skills, however will be given the opportunity to put these skills into practise and use them in major games such as Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Lacrosse and Tennis (just to name a few).

Children in the upper years will be involved in a Fitness program, learning lifelong skills to enable them to become aware of their own health & wellbeing.

Gymnastics, skipping, ball games and athletics will also be a part of the curriculum at Saltwater P-9 College.

All children from Prep to 6 will participate in an Intensive Swimming Program at our local pool. Children will have the opportunity to learn water safety and gain confidence within an aquatic environment.

The children in Years 5 & 6 will be given the opportunity to participate in Inter School sports, participating in Summer & Winter sports, and may have the opportunity to participate at Regional and State level.

There will be opportunities for children in Years 3-6 to participate at District, Divisional, Regional & State level in Swimming, Cross Country & Athletics. Some children in Years 5 & 6 will be given leadership roles in the form of captaincy for the above teams.

All children will learn how to work as a team member and will be encouraged to respect other people’s choices, show compassion to their peers and will be given the opportunity to self-reflect when it comes to their learning.

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