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About the program

The Saltwater P-9 College Visual Art program will be about much more than just painting and drawing. At Saltwater P-9 College, students are exposed to a broad range of experiences that connect to the visual arts. These include collage, illustration, landscapes art, drawing, graphic design, painting, printmaking, sculpture, felting and stop-motion animation. Our program integrates essential life skills and educational skills into the arena of Visual Art. We foster the development of creativity and imagination to help our students facilitate social change. We connect students with the diversity of artists through the study of these persons both locally and globally, now and in the past, and people from different backgrounds.

Students take ownership of their learning, to explore their personal interests and develop their own style. This will be done by actively exercising their imagination, as well as their critical and creative thinking skills, so as to create deep learning experiences. Arts in the PYP, exemplify learning through inquiry because of the emphasis on, and the nature of, the creative process. Arts support the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills, the development of conceptual understanding, and the demonstration of positive attitudes and the taking of action.

Our students engage with exhibitions such as those at the National Gallery of Victoria as well as local ones. They then create their own exhibitions. Each lesson is differentiated to match the needs of the individual students to ensure they feel comfortable in the environment and reach their full potential.

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